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Sqaurespace - Integrated Brief

The Ask:

An integrated campaign that convinces first-time entrepreneurs that Squarespace can help them succeed, even if they don’t have it all figured out yet.


A large percentage of aspiring entrepreneurs suffer from imposter syndrome which prevents them from taking strides to start their business.


Squarespace tools make it easy to look professional, even if you are struggling with imposter syndrome.

"This You?"

Squarespace Social Integration

The SQUARESPACE Twitter account will use a chatbot to reply "This You?" to tweets with links to online stores and booking services. The Twitter reply will include old tweets from the user with "I want to start my own business but". 

The purpose of this is to highlight that many entrepreneurs had doubts and suffered from imposter syndrome before launching their business by creating a website.

SquareSpace twitterbot .png

Takes The “But” Out of Your Business Dreams

Squarespace OOH Integration

SQUARESPACE will place animated billboards in areas frequented by people commuting to work, such as bus stops and subway stations.

These billboards will include quotes from business owners who used SQUARESPACE to build a website despite any doubts in their ability.

The animation will change the text on the billboard to remove the “but” and form a declarative sentence, ending with the SQUARESPACE logo as a period.

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